Typical Gerberoy village house Auntie Jo Gerberoy

Went to Gerberoy, just 20 minutes drive along a beautiful valley, and one of the "100 most beautiful villages in France", protected as a classified site. All the old houses have been restored and maintained and in the summer are covered in roses.

We had the most amazing lunch at the "Vieux Logis" http://www.vieuxlogisgerberoy.com/ – they have a speciality dish on their 23E menu where each person gets their own little table-top spit and you barbecue your own piece of fillet steak or fish kebab in a Calvados flambé. Highly Recommended! (They also have a "menu sucré" – a five course menu consisting just of desserts! – ONLY for those with a VERY sweet tooth!).

Afterwards we went for a walk around the village. It really is one of the prettiest settings, and will be even better in the summer when all the roses are in bloom.

Avenue of Trees Felix & Katie in the Avenue Gerberoy