We have had a new kitchen installed and it is fantastic!!!

We had considered various options such as IKEA, Leroy Merlin, Lapeyre and all the other cheaper places which are the equivalent of B&Q and Homebase in the UK. But in the end we decided go for something of better quality so we ended up buying a kitchen from Schmidt (http://www.cuisines-schmidt.com/).

They are a French company (they are based in Alsace hence the german sounding name) and I actually came across them when I went in to a kitchen shop in our home town of Heathfield (http://www.kitchensbycdc.com/). I really liked the quality of their display kitchens and I asked them whether it was feasible to ship them to France. The man was very helpful and rather than sell me a kitchen, he told me that as the kitchens were actually French, it would be cheaper and easier for me to buy it in France!

We are really pleased with the quality of the workmanship. The units are really sturdy and the drawers are great, you can slam them as hard as you like, yet they have dampers that stop them a couple of inches before they close, and then they glide in gently for the last bit. Cool! We decided to go the whole hog and get granite worktops too. The whole thing, including the appliances, the granite worktops and the installation, came to about £5,000 – not cheap, but not mega-expensive either, considering the quality.

We painted the walls using Farrow and Ball no 5 Hardwick White (which as you can see in the pictures comes out more blue/grey than white), and no 221 Pantalon for the fireplace surround.

Main kitchen units Kitchen seen from dining room Dining Room seen from kitchen Corner sink Wood Burning stove