The house has lovely old beams thoughout. For some reason, someone in the distant past decided that it would be a “good idea” to paint the ones in the kitchen and dining room in a gloopy chocolate brown gloss paint… They went even one better in the dining room – not only did they paint the beams, but also the ceiling in between! This made the dining room always seem a little oppressive – it felt as though the ceiling was pressing down on you 😦

We would love to be able to strip off this paint and resurrect the beams to the original wood – but it would be a nightmare job.  So instead, Paul and David went out to the house for a weekend and painted over the chocolate brown in the dining room with white paint. It was a backbreaking job, which took them the whole weekend. But I think it was worth it. it seems so much airier and fresher now. The photos below don’t really do it justice (and we’ve since painted just the beams a pale bluey-green which looks fab!). Will post some better photos next time. 

diningroom1.jpg diningroom6.jpg diningroom3.jpg diningroom2.jpg diningroom5.jpg