People have been asking us about the open-plan upstairs sleeping arrangements. It’s so difficult to describe, so we thought the best thing to do would be to post some photos here in an attempt to explain….

This is the main bedroom, with its gorgeous views out of the window. When we stay at the house, we always use this room (the children sleep in the triple bedroom at the other end of the house). This photo is taken from the middle of the house, looking towards the bed. You can just make out the pine wardrobe on the left.
Main Bedroom

And these two photos are taken from the bed, looking back towards the pine wardrobe and the middle of the house. As you can see, we do have a screen which can be used to help privacy.
Upstairs Double without screen Upstairs Double with screen

Now we are in the triple bedroom at the other end of the house. These are two views looking towards the sleigh bed (note that they were taken on different days and just to confuse we have moved the dolls house and the rug! But in the second picture you can see the end of the sleigh bed to the left).

Sleigh Bed Upstairs Triple Bedroom

This next one is taken from the sleigh bed and looks back in towards the centre of the house. You can see the bannisters at the top of the stairs, behind which is the large central room which we use for reading and playing games (blind man’s bluff is a firm favourite!). Then looking further back you can just make out the main bedroom at the far end of the house…

Kids Room looking back to centre of house, with double bedroom at the far end
Notice that this bed has a pull-out “truckle” underneath which incorporates a fully-sprung single mattress, so when pulled out, this room in effect has three single beds.